Sous Vide all the things. That’s basically what this site is all about; sharing ideas, recipes and results. I’ve never been that into cooking, and if I am, it’s been BBQing in the backyard. In November 2015, I ordered my first sous vide machine (Anova Wifi/BT) and immediately cooked a steak – I was blown away with the results. Since then, my poor Anova hasn’t gotten a rest. I’m cooking everything I can in there – veggies, fish, chicken, lamb, sausage, pork belly, seafood, beef, more beef, infused beverages, eggs…the list goes on. I wanted to share this with other passive cooks to see if the sous vide technique can be the conversion point to others as it was to me – totally changed my eating lifestyle, and for the better. I hope you enjoy reading, following and eating.


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