Sweet Heat: Sriracha Butter and Honey Garlic Chicken Breasts


Change boring and dry chicken breasts into hot and sweet tenderness. Super simple recipe. Enjoy!


• 2 Chicken Breasts

• 3 Tablespoons Sriracha

• 2 Tablespoons Raw Sugar or honey

• 5 Large garlic cloves- chopped

• 4 Tablespoon Butter – cubed

• 1 Lime- ½ for juice and ½ for garnish

• Salt to taste


• Set water bath to 140F

• Place chicken breasts in bag with Sriracha, raw sugar, garlic, butter, and juice of ½ a lime. Remove all air and seal before you place in the water bath for 1 hour.

• Empty the contents of the bag, minus the chicken, into a pan and heat to medium high

• Pat dry the chicken and add to the pan once sauce is simmering.

• Flip each breast twice over a 4 minute span and optionally hit the chicken with a torch to crisp things up.

Serve – amazing sweet heat.

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